Connecting to Hotspot


  1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the welcome logo appears on the display.   After a few seconds, the Wi-Fi signal icon will appear on the display.


  1. Look for network (SSID) “Moxee HotspotXX_2.4G”, The XX are the last two digits of the hotspots IMEI number.


  1. The password will be the last 8 digits of the hotspots IMEI number. This can be found on the back of the hotspot.


  1. Your connection will be filtered to comply with Durham Public Schools internet policy.


 SSID and Passwords can also be found on the hotspots “Wi-Fi info” screen.


  1. Click on the menu button until you get to “2.4G WIFI Info” screen


  1. Click OK (power button) and the information will be available on the screen











Signal and Roaming status icon


Network mode icon

     Data flow icon


Wi-Fi signal and number of access users


The number of unread messages; maximum is 100


Battery capacity icon; if the battery is lower than 25%, this icon is red


WPS status indicator


Download and upload data speed