Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) - Registration

If you haven't setup SSPR, you can do the following to register:

1. Open your web browser and go to

2. Login using your DPS Email Address and Password.

3. At the SSPR Registration screen, it will present you with options to setup an Authentication Phone and Authentication email, click the “Set it up now” link next to proceed with registering an Authentication Phone or Email.


4. Click the “Set it up now” link next to the Authentication Phone. This will take you to a screen where you can choose your country dialing code and input your phone number. Select and fill in the appropriate information, then click either the “text me” or “call me” option to verify this number. If you choose the text option, you will be given a temporary code to input back into the website. If you choose the call me option you will be prompted to input a command with the keypad to confirm.

5. After you verify your phone number, you will be returned to the main SSPR registration page. Your Authentication Phone will be setup and you can now setup an Authentication email address as well. Click the “Set it up now” link next to “Authentication Email” to begin setting up the email recovery option.


6. In the Authentication Email box, input a personal (non-DPS) email address you have access to, such as a Gmail or Yahoo. Then click the “Email me” button to send a verification code to that address. Open that email, copy the 6-digit number, and paste it back into the SSPR Authentication Email setup page. Then click the “Verify” button. After verification, click "Back" to go to the main page.

7. Back at the main SSPR Registration page, you should now see green circles with checkmarks next to “Authentication Phone” and “Authentication Email” entries. It will also display the phone number and email you specified. If everything is verified and accurate, click the Finish button to complete your SSPR registration.


Now that you have setup SSPR, you can reset your password through the Password Reset portal on the DPS helpdesk site.